Tasting Room

Tasting room visits do not require reservations and opens at noon every Thursday through Sunday, year round, with the exception of major holidays (New Year’s Day, Easter, Thanksgiving and Christmas).

We offer four tastings of your choice of wine for a small fee. A list of our wines may be found on our Wine List page. We also sell non-alcoholic beverages, cheese boards and various snacks. Inside and outside seating is available. Alcoholic beverages which are not purchased at Arché are prohibited.

Thursday is our Happy Hours Day, from noon until 6pm, when we offer $3 off every glass of wine.

Our tasting room is enjoyed mostly by adults but families are welcome. We ask that you keep your children by your side and if you are seated, to have them remain seated with you at your table.

Small pets, carried, may be brought into the tasting room if they do not bark. Larger pets may not be brought into the tasting room but you may walk them outside on a leash. If your pet must be relieved, please clean up after them.

Smoking is allowed in the parking lot.

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