Arché [ar kay′]
Beginning or origin. The leader, that by which anything begins to be.

Arché is family owned and operated by Howard and Amy Davies with son, Grayson, as winemaker. Grayson’s older brother, Patrick, a winemaker in California, serves Arché as a consultant. Howard’s background in electrical engineering and Amy’s in business management keeps systems and operations in order. Grayson earned his viticulture and eonology degree at Texas Tech in 2011. Patrick earned his at Texas A&M in 2004.

In 1999 the Davies family started growing grapes under the name Oak Creek Vineyards, the first commercial winegrape vineyard in Montague County. They are also the first generation of the family to begin a venture with a foundation in wine, a gift from God that has nourished mankind’s soul for thousands of years.

“Wine is constant proof that God loves us and loves to see us happy.”
Benjamin Franklin

After several years of selling their grapes to other Texas wineries, the Davies established their own winery, Arché, in 2007. Arché currently produces about 1600 cases per year with most being from the grapes grown on the estate and some sourced from other select Texas vineyards.

Great wines can come only from great vineyards.
We are committed to growing the finest grapes in Texas and
making the best wines possible.